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Product Questions

Here are some typical frequently asked questions we receive about Gold Medal Safety Padding products or our services. If you have other questions or if you need more clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What colors does the safety padding system come in?

The system is produced in a tan color, with a tan topcoat as this combination has shown to wear the best and provide a soothing environment when needed. Different color choices can be offered however. Contact us for details.

Can we order the material only and install the safety padding ourselves?
The initial system installation has to be completed by a trained Marathon Engineering Corporation crew. Crews complete a one-year training program prior as part of our Quality Assurance Program.
How long does a typical safety padding installation take?
Installation typically will take 4-5 working days per room.
How long after installation will it take before we can use the room?
The room can be used approximately 6 hours after installation or repair work is complete.
Is Gold Medal Safety Padding fire rated?

Yes, Gold Medal Safety Padding is a Class A fire rated product.

Do we need to recess floors before installation?

No, we can taper the safety padding system to transition from the padded floors to the outside corridor.

Can the padding be used outdoors?

No, Gold Medal Safety padding is an interior product.

Company Questions

Here are answers to frequent questions about our company in general. Contact us if you have a question we didn’t cover on this page.

How long has Gold Medal Safety Padding been in business?

GMSP was founded in 1973 when the need for high-quality safety padding became evident. 

Is Gold Medal Safety Padding available outside the USA?
Yes! Gold Medal Safety Padding has representatives in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Israel, Chile, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sutlante of Oman, and Saudi Arabia.
Are you currently hiring new employees or contractors?

Yes, we are always looking for hard working and detailed new team members to help service our customers. Contact us for details.

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How Can We Help?

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