Padded Cell Systems for Correctional Facilities

Padded Cell Systems and Safety Padding for Prisons, Jails, & the Correctional Industry

Are you in need of a padded jail system to ensure the safety of staff and inmates in your jail, prison, or correctional facility?  Gold Medal Safety Padding the leading padding system for correctional facilities in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Safety padding systems from Gold Medal help reduce potential liability from inmates, and it can also decrease the number of potential worker’s compensation claims. As importantly you should remember that Gold Medal Safety Padding is the only product on the market that provides repair kits for on-site usage by your staff!

What is the purpose of padded cell systems in prisons and correctional facilities?        

Padded cell systems (a.k.a. padded prison cells, de-escalation rooms, cool down rooms, or seclusion rooms) are used to create an environment removed from outside distractions.  The purpose of the rooms is to facilitate de-escalation within a safe environment. These rooms are typically equipped with floor and wall padding and can also involve impact-absorbing floor tiles and other safety features.

Padded cells are typically used when inmates become a danger to staff or self through aggressive or violent behavior toward others or themselves.  A padded safety room is a much better option for both the inmate and staff than going to an extreme that could pose harm to the inmate or the staff making it the best option for situations requiring de-escalation.

Examples of when a padded cell systems might be used include:

  • inmates seen as a self-harm or suicide risk
  • inmates with violent anger issues
  • inmates going through a significant detox from alcohol or drugs
  • other behavior that poses a potential threat to the inmate or staff. 

A padded cell system is a great option for reducing or removing potential risks to people.

Why is Gold Medal Safety Padding the most common type of padded cell systems installed in correctional facilities? 

When applied to the floor, walls, and door of a padded room, our safety padding is:

  • Damage resistant, withstanding attempts to rip, gouge, or otherwise damage. In the unlikely event our product is damaged, our repair kits are easy enough to use that your staff can do it without hiring a contractor.
  • Self-extinguishing and Class A Fire Rated
  • Easily cleaned and resistant to degradation by most cleaning chemicals Our padding is easily maintained to ensure sanitary conditions.
  • Padding is uniform and smooth with no cracks or open seams for the best sanitation and damage resistance.
  • It is a non-slip surface that is smooth and fungus resistant.
  • Padding is compatible with almost any the existing floor.
  • The coating is scuff-resistant and long lasting.
  • Can be installed in any existing room or be included in new construction.
  • Installed on-site by trained specialists.

Does My Correctional Facility Need a Padded Cell System for Safety?

In general, you want to use a padded cell if de-escalation and other preventive strategies have failed and there remains the immediate potential for harm to the inmate or other people. The term “de-escalation room” captures the intent of our padded cell systems because what we all want is to have people calm enough so there is no potential danger to inmates or staff. 

In other words, padded jail cells should be seen as one of the tools in your de-escalation toolbox.

It should go without saying, all tools should only be used for their intended purpose.  Padded cells should not be used as punishment or to create unnecessary mental or physical suffering.  A padded cell system is meant for SAFETY of inmates and staff.  It is important corrections facility administrators create clear and appropriate guidelines of how to utilize a padded cell for the good of all involved.

Gold Medal Safety Padding has served detention and correctional facilities since 1974. We have installed cell padding systems in Correctional Facilities in all 50 states.  We use our own, specially trained crew for the initial installation. Gold Medal Safety Padding is the only product on the market that provides repair kits for on-site usage by your staff and faculty!

We would love the opportunity to discuss how a padded safety room from Gold Medal Safety Padding could be the right option for your healthcare facility.  For more details on how we can help healthcare or other industries with safety padding, please contact us online or by phone at 239-303-7378 (USA), or 416-572-7753 (Canada).

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