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What Makes Us Different

Gold Meal Safety Padding has been the worldwide innovator in protective safety padding since 1974. We have worked with architects, contractors and owners to develop same environments that not only protect the room’s occupants but also protect the facility’s staff, reduces worker’s compensation claims and mitigates overall litigation for the facility.

When compared to other types of padding, Gold Medal Safety padding:

  • Has a Class A Fire Rating (ASTM-E84)
  • Is a permanent solution and not just temporarily attached to substrate
  • Less than a 8 hour cure time when installed
  • Mold and Fungus resistant
  • Low cost of repair by own onsite maintenance staff
  • Non-toxic and easy to clean

Marathon Engineering Corporation can also assist with the design and provide any specifications and detail drawings that may be needed. Our installation technicians have all completed a one-year training program and are knowledgeable about the product and installation methods.

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To talk to one of our team members or learn more about Gold Medal Safety Products, please call 239-303-7378 or reach out online.

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